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Feeling Alone In The Battle Against Fibroids? You Are Not Alone! Let's Navigate This Journey Together.

Are you feeling isolated in the struggle against fibroids and their disruptive effects? 

At The Balanced Life Holistic we are dedicated to addressing the critical disparities in knowledge, research, and treatment options for Women of Color facing reproductive ailments and diseases.


Our mission is driven by three foundational pillars: Community, Advocacy, and Holistic Wellness. Through our online community, we provide essential knowledge, expert treatment guidance, and natural product solutions tailored to support the unique needs of Women of Color in their reproductive health journeys. We are committed to bridging the information gap and promoting well-being for all women.

Empowering Women of Color in Reproductive Health

Kristin Page
Your Holistic Health Coach


Hi, I'm Kristin Page, and I'm passionate about traveling, gardening, attending concerts, and exploring different cuisines! At the age of 26, I faced a life-changing diagnosis of Uterine Fibroids. Initially unfamiliar with what fibroids were, I vividly remember the perplexed look on my mom's face when I shared the news. Little did I know, she had also experienced them.


Our Pillars

Community | Advocacy | Holistic Wellness



We believe in the strength of unity and peer support. Our online community serves as a nurturing space where Women of Color can connect, share experiences, and find solace in knowing they are not alone in their journey. Together, we foster a sense of belonging, solidarity, and resilience.



We are committed to raising awareness and advocating for equitable healthcare practices that prioritize the unique needs of Women of Color. Through education, outreach, and collaboration, we strive to eliminate disparities in access to information, resources, and quality care. We are the voice that speaks up for change.


Holistic Wellness

Recognizing that health extends beyond just the physical, we
champion a holistic approach to wellness. Our platform offers comprehensive knowledge,
treatment guidance, and natural product solutions that empower Women of Color to take control of their reproductive health. We embrace a mind-body-spirit perspective that acknowledges the interconnectedness of well-being.

Studies have shown that black women are more than twice as likely to have a diagnosis of Uterine fibroids as white women. We are also more likely to have complications, longer hospitalizations, and have more than three times the in-hospital mortality rate. 
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