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About Kristin


My journey began with a lack of information – my OBGYN explained fibroids but admitted there was no known cause or cure beyond a hysterectomy, which he didn't recommend at the time. A year later, complications arose, leading to severe anemia, heavy bleeding, and pelvic pain. A new OBGYN suggested a hysterectomy ( that I refused ), leaving me distraught and with unanswered questions.

Turning to my mom for guidance, I discovered she hadn't spoken about it due to the taboo surrounding the topic. Like her, I felt alone with no answers. Research revealed the hereditary nature of fibroids, their impact on fertility, and their disproportionate prevalence among black women. Determined to find my own answers, I delved into understanding my body's signals.

Paying close attention, I identified that certain foods exacerbated my symptoms. Eliminating these triggers regulated my cycles and improved my overall well-being. I navigated rough days silently, afraid to discuss my struggles, believing no one else could relate.

In 2021, severe sciatic pain led me back to the doctor. After numerous tests, my OBGYN discovered a fibroid blocking my bile duct. Surgery became inevitable. I was able to keep my uterus and remove the fibroids. Throughout my journey, I meticulously planned for a smooth surgery and recovery, documenting my experiences. And that is how my journey through fibroids gave rise to The Balanced Life – a platform to share experiences, insights, and support for women facing similar challenges.


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